Gutwrenching I,Daniel Blake

I  dont have much money, but was fortunate as my bank lloyds bank sent me six cinema tickets to watch films at cineworld.My seventeen year old daughter used two tickets, my husband and me went to watch the Daniel Blake film at cineworld,I did not realise it was the last night to go and watch the film. The seats were half full, I had seen trailers of the film and had a good idea what to expect. Other trailers were shown before hand, then finally the film came on. I did not know what gutwrenching meant before, now I knew, my insides felt like they were been twisted round and about, I felt at times as if I could not breathe. The film was spot on, from my own experience , the music on the phone, the despair, shame, even the dog crapping in the garden. I wanted to shout at the staff I muttered comments,my husband told me be quiet.The young woman who moved with her two children, could feel how depressed she felt, made me remember when I moved from Luton to Telford. The school in Luton was an all girls school, we had elocution lessons,I loved it. Moved to  Telford, Pat one of the girls at the mixed school said I talked posh but I didnt look it. I thought this, because the young girl spoke nice and people might say poor kids dont talk like that, they do sometimes. Daniel reminded me of my dad, he had heart problems and died aged 61 of a fatal heart attack in the street. I just thank God,( though I am an atheist,) that my dad was not treated like Daniel. I like to think my dad spent his last few years of ill health not worrying about  claiming benefits and going for jobs. When Daniel went to the toilet on the day of his appeal and he had a heart attack, I felt like crying, thinking of my dad who died in 1995. I dont think this film is just about how the government are treating people, it goes further than that as though you are nothing, not worth anything if you have no material wealth. people have such a lot to offer, Daniel was a nice man.if he had plenty of money he could have helped his young friend, so she would not have had to take such desperate measures . I liked that the people who offered her the escort work were not percieved as sinister or out to get her, am I naive in thinking that ? I thought about it, if that was the only way she could get clothing for her children and the bills paid, what is the alternative. It is a fact a lot of people who work are poor, that  is not right is it ? I come from a family who did not have much, my dad worked most of the time,mum did sometimes. Benefits were not commonplace, it started when Mrs Thatcher got in, I dont know why, was it because all the industries were shutting down ?I thought when I was writing about the film that is exatly what I was going to do,write about the film , instead I just wonder how we have come to this. There were jobs, and then there were a lot less jobs No matter what though, there are people who are terrified , of this whole system, 16 to 18 year olds have to stay in education or training, it is all so complicated now. Maybe one day a film will be made about a real person, as the people who seem so complacent just say it is only a story, it is not real. And so it goes on , as somebody said once this government dont like poor people.


About hypermobilecat

I am fifty eight years old, but I feel ageless, always have felt there is something I need to do. At school I was told by head of year by the age of thirty I would become a genius or have a breakdown, it did not happen. I have a condition called ehler danlos syndrome and have times where pain and exhaustion are all consuming.I have five adult children and husband of thirty two years . I must achieve something in 2017, if I dont i will regret it, especially in austerity tory Britian, I want to make money, but surely creativity comes first, so that is what I must focus on. Current affairs, biography or fiction, or fact and fiction ? I will just see what happens.
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