Gutwrenching I,Daniel Blake — christinaoevans

I dont have much money, but was fortunate as my bank lloyds bank sent me six cinema tickets to watch films at cineworld.My seventeen year old daughter used two tickets, my husband and me went to watch the Daniel Blake film at cineworld,I did not realise it was the last night to go and watch […]

via Gutwrenching I,Daniel Blake — christinaoevans


About hypermobilecat

I am fifty eight years old, but I feel ageless, always have felt there is something I need to do. At school I was told by head of year by the age of thirty I would become a genius or have a breakdown, it did not happen. I have a condition called ehler danlos syndrome and have times where pain and exhaustion are all consuming.I have five adult children and husband of thirty two years . I must achieve something in 2017, if I dont i will regret it, especially in austerity tory Britian, I want to make money, but surely creativity comes first, so that is what I must focus on. Current affairs, biography or fiction, or fact and fiction ? I will just see what happens.
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