Five Important Lessons 2016 Taught All Corbyn Supporters

With a new year stretching out before us I felt it was appropriate to look back on 2016 and the lessons it’s taught us. Lesson number one – The vast majority of the PLP want Corbyn&#821…

Source: Five Important Lessons 2016 Taught All Corbyn Supporters

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I Believed in Magic

  • When I was a child I had a great imagination, my  mum would play games from tv shows like time tunnel, where people went back in time. It was an American programme,made in the 1960s, starting off with a swirling black and white tunnel. Mum never liked bewitched, I think the actress who played Samantha was too American apple pie pretty and wholesome. My dad always remembered bonfire night and christmas, mum moaned about the cost, I liked it though. Mum read books that were

    risqué and I took great delight in reading them, much more interesting than Milly Molly Mandy. Though my favourite book was of my own choosing , I read it age 10, it was Jane Eyre ,I loved that book and still do. I loved it when my mum made up plays and we took on different parts, it was great fun, especially doing voices. Mum would send me over to the local shop with a note asking if she could have bread, milk, potatoes,cigarettes on tick. I remember walking to the shop on dark evenings keeping near to the kerb, it was always instilled in me to walk by the kerb, in case a man in a car tried to abduct me.I had two younger sisters who I didn’t really have a lot in common with, they got on with each other, mum used to foster children who were quiet young. It was a shame when one little girl came she had been neglected and hurt by her natural parents and yet in the end went back to them. My mum was a good foster mum, she had a lot of patience, was well organized and my sisters and me helped with housework and chores. Mum and dad wanted to adopt the little girl and it was upsetting she had to go , we all missed her and were very upset. My mum got a cleaning job at the local hospital, dad worked at the car factory , we lived in Luton.My mum stopped playing games and became distracted, one day she came home from work and told me she had met another man and wanted to go away with him. She didnt love my dad anymore, but was torn because of us, in the end she didnt go, he came from Ireland and was going back there, I think maybe she would have been happier if she had gone with him. My dad would have managed , he would have looked after us, I know it sounds trite but his outlook was more easygoing and he could cook!! He was a  pleasant looking man, he looked like John Mills the actor, no doubt he would have found another lady, I dont know. Mum constantly moaned about being unhappy and wanting to leave, her Doctor told her to have a glass of sherry to help her relax, sherry is very sweet  and soon a glass a day became half a bottle a day. I still believed in magic and dreamt one night that I went up to the moon and met a lady with black and silver hair, the moon was like marsh mallows and I slid down the milky way. I read a lot of books, when I wasnt at school , I would read books, go off on my bike with a sandwich,book and go and catch sticklebacks from out of the water.I sat some tests and went to an all girls school which I loved. The girls there came from big houses and had mums a bit like Samantha off Bewitched. I also made friends with some Asian girls as well who were very nice. I had a friend called Sharon, I used to stay at her big mock Tudor detached house, set in a leafy avenue. We had great fun , until one day we went for a picnic with her mum on the downs. I offered to take the dog for a walk, Sharon’s mum said not to go far. I disappeared over the brow of a hill and a young curly headed man was in the field. He was several years older than me. He walked towards me and  I had to pass him, the dog had gone on ahead, the man went to pass me, he held me fast, his hand over my mouth,saying” be quiet and I wont hurt you”.The corn was waving yellow in the field, the trees were green,no magic to save me in this beautiful place. I was on the ground, he was kneeling beside me. I had read the papers, what happened to children,I was going to die,but please let it be quick,dont do awful things. Mercifully the dog came barking, growling,she was trying to bite his ankle, his hand loosened from my mouth ” please let me go, I wont tell anyone ” I said, was it the dog or the words I said, to this day I will never know, he let go of me, shaking the dog off his leg . I lied, I started screaming my head off  for Sharons mum, I started to run my legs were shaking. , I just remember a police car, a siren, a policeman asking me “did he have his thing out ?”. I looked at the policeman puzzled and then he said “were his trousers undone “, I said no, I thought the policeman was very rude.He also said the man was probably a gypsy, then my mum and dad were told he was a university student suffering from headaches caused by studying !! He pleaded guilty and given a fine. I did feel nervous afterwards  and I think it would have helped to talk to a counsellor or somebody but it was something that was not discussed and if I did bring it up I was told I was lucky, which in a way I was. We moved not long after that. I still believe in magic, I dont believe in God, but love to hear birds singing, to see the sky,moon and stars, trees ,it is there something magical and wondrous, what ever age you are.

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Gutwrenching I,Daniel Blake

I  dont have much money, but was fortunate as my bank lloyds bank sent me six cinema tickets to watch films at cineworld.My seventeen year old daughter used two tickets, my husband and me went to watch the Daniel Blake film at cineworld,I did not realise it was the last night to go and watch the film. The seats were half full, I had seen trailers of the film and had a good idea what to expect. Other trailers were shown before hand, then finally the film came on. I did not know what gutwrenching meant before, now I knew, my insides felt like they were been twisted round and about, I felt at times as if I could not breathe. The film was spot on, from my own experience , the music on the phone, the despair, shame, even the dog crapping in the garden. I wanted to shout at the staff I muttered comments,my husband told me be quiet.The young woman who moved with her two children, could feel how depressed she felt, made me remember when I moved from Luton to Telford. The school in Luton was an all girls school, we had elocution lessons,I loved it. Moved to  Telford, Pat one of the girls at the mixed school said I talked posh but I didnt look it. I thought this, because the young girl spoke nice and people might say poor kids dont talk like that, they do sometimes. Daniel reminded me of my dad, he had heart problems and died aged 61 of a fatal heart attack in the street. I just thank God,( though I am an atheist,) that my dad was not treated like Daniel. I like to think my dad spent his last few years of ill health not worrying about  claiming benefits and going for jobs. When Daniel went to the toilet on the day of his appeal and he had a heart attack, I felt like crying, thinking of my dad who died in 1995. I dont think this film is just about how the government are treating people, it goes further than that as though you are nothing, not worth anything if you have no material wealth. people have such a lot to offer, Daniel was a nice man.if he had plenty of money he could have helped his young friend, so she would not have had to take such desperate measures . I liked that the people who offered her the escort work were not percieved as sinister or out to get her, am I naive in thinking that ? I thought about it, if that was the only way she could get clothing for her children and the bills paid, what is the alternative. It is a fact a lot of people who work are poor, that  is not right is it ? I come from a family who did not have much, my dad worked most of the time,mum did sometimes. Benefits were not commonplace, it started when Mrs Thatcher got in, I dont know why, was it because all the industries were shutting down ?I thought when I was writing about the film that is exatly what I was going to do,write about the film , instead I just wonder how we have come to this. There were jobs, and then there were a lot less jobs No matter what though, there are people who are terrified , of this whole system, 16 to 18 year olds have to stay in education or training, it is all so complicated now. Maybe one day a film will be made about a real person, as the people who seem so complacent just say it is only a story, it is not real. And so it goes on , as somebody said once this government dont like poor people.

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